Life After Landon: A Tactical Look at the LA Galaxy in 2015

LD retires to his plow and Stevie G comes in to replace him on the field, in our hearts and in AEG’s shirt profit ledger. He brings with him world class chance creation, a legitimate physical presence in central midfield and LA’s first dead-ball specialist since David Beckham left the team in 2012. He should prove to be an instrumental piece of LA’s continued reign of terror over the MLS standings, playoffs, and the chances of other teams at taking home the coveted MLS cup, right?

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A DC United Fan’s Lament for Mike Petke

I should be crying tears of joy. As a DC United fan, few things are supposed to delight more than beating New York 5-0, or over and over in the playoffs, or watching them never win anything of substance.

Already gone was the most important player in Metros history. And now, so is the most important coach. A guy who, in his two seasons, won two things the franchise had been itching to win since the 1996 playoffs: a major trophy and a playoff series against DC.

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slashMLS’s New Year’s Resolutions

It was a relatively successful year for the slashMLS podcast crew. Pete (/u/punkrockpete) got engaged to his lovely Sounders fan ladyfriend. Josh (/u/97227ist) traveled to China and South America and Serbia and Turkey and Columbus and holds the record for having met the most slashMLS cast members (three!). I’m not sure what Chris (/u/patlanips11) has been up to but I think he went to one or two soccer games. And we welcomed James (/u/nefariousjoe), whose stupid team won MLS Cup.

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