s.3 e.16, Shutouts and Sendoffs (Week 3 recap)

The gang gets together to review a less than thrilling slate of games from week 3. The discussion continues around what tiers teams belong in, including: the Revs continuing slump, Dallas’ hot start, and whether Montreal’s potential CCL win would come with an asterisk. Pete (/u/punkrockpete) also pitches a trade to Ian (/u/ArmasKarhu) involving their teams, which is not received as well as hoped.

s.3 e.14, The Gangs All Here! (Week 2 recap)

For the first time this year all 5 members of the slashMLS team get together, and recap week 2. While discussing the weekend’s action, we cover superlatives like Most Surprising and Most Impressive. Pete’s (/u/punkrockpete) carefully crafted moment is stolen, the gang discusses what’s right with Dallas and wrong with New England, and Josh (/u/97227ist) makes an instantly regrettable bet.

A Soliloquy on Soccer Support

2015 is lining up to be a major year for MLS and American soccer. Many see the league’s 20th season as the most important yet; with the World Cup bump, 2 expansion teams entering, and a landmark television deal. But this year is also a turning point in my own personal soccer experience. This will be my 4th full year as a Sounders season ticket holder, but my first somewhere other than the supporters section. What was unthinkable just a few short years ago is now inevitable due to environmental and personal changes.

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slashMLS s.2 e.35

This week we have our first ever LA Galaxy fan on! James (/u/nefariousjoe) discusses home-and-home series with Seattle for the shield. We also argue about the merits and qualifications for Coach of the Year and MVP, Josh (/u/97227ist) deals with Portland’s season, and Ian (/u/ArmasKarhu) educates Pete (/u/punkrockpete) on more history from the fabled 1998 season.