slashMLS s.2 e.35

This week we have our first ever LA Galaxy fan on! James (/u/nefariousjoe) discusses home-and-home series with Seattle for the shield. We also argue about the merits and qualifications for Coach of the Year and MVP, Josh (/u/97227ist) deals with Portland’s season, and Ian (/u/ArmasKarhu) educates Pete (/u/punkrockpete) on more history from the fabled 1998 season.

An ode to Landy

Let me first say that so many pixels have already been lit over the imminent retirement of Landon Donovan the likelihood that my little contribution is going to break any new ground is absurd. I’m have nothing profound to add, nothing deep, no singular encounter with Landon-ness that altered me in any significant way. I’m only trying to defend my own somewhat less deifying and unapologetically banal opinion of Donovan, because on a podcast when asked to take my turn reminiscing on the impact of Landy on my soccer consciousness my mind went blank until I said “he just seems so normal”. Which is not what one is supposed to say about the preeminent American soccer player I realize, but it’s what came to mind first. Having gotten obsessed with soccer long before I got interested in American soccer I don’t feel the kind of possessiveness of it that I suppose I should and I get a kind of objectiveness that makes things look a bit more plain, a bit less shrouded in emotion, a bit more normal.

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