Declaring My Independence, pt 1: A Shift in Demographics


As a Triangle man, Charlotte is one of those distant friends I only see once in a while notice all the subtle differences. Oh, nice haircut! I see you’ve lost some weight!

The first I looked comprehensively at the city was January 2009, ahead of the Panthers’ awful playoff game against Arizona. We had an awesome time at Mert’s Soul Food (I hope it’s still around) before sadness happened.

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s.3 e.16, Shutouts and Sendoffs (Week 3 recap)

The gang gets together to review a less than thrilling slate of games from week 3. The discussion continues around what tiers teams belong in, including: the Revs continuing slump, Dallas’ hot start, and whether Montreal’s potential CCL win would come with an asterisk. Pete (/u/punkrockpete) also pitches a trade to Ian (/u/ArmasKarhu) involving their teams, which is not received as well as hoped.

s.3 e.14, The Gangs All Here! (Week 2 recap)

For the first time this year all 5 members of the slashMLS team get together, and recap week 2. While discussing the weekend’s action, we cover superlatives like Most Surprising and Most Impressive. Pete’s (/u/punkrockpete) carefully crafted moment is stolen, the gang discusses what’s right with Dallas and wrong with New England, and Josh (/u/97227ist) makes an instantly regrettable bet.

The Reviews Are In: MLS Not Terrible

A couple weeks ago, I predicted Orlando’s first game would be a four-goal trouncing of New York City FC. Oops.

But the reason I said that is because I felt it was going to be the biggest inaugural match in MLS history. I think my general sensation was right, just a little misguided. It may be that it was the biggest weekend of matches on MLS history. Or day. I’ll settle for this: It was the biggest Sunday in MLS matchday history, and that includes all the times MLS Cup was played on a Sunday.

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