slashMLS’s New Year’s Resolutions

It was a relatively successful year for the slashMLS podcast crew. Pete (/u/punkrockpete) got engaged to his lovely Sounders fan ladyfriend. Josh (/u/97227ist) traveled to China and South America and Serbia and Turkey and Columbus and holds the record for having met the most slashMLS cast members (three!). I’m not sure what Chris (/u/patlanips11) has been up to but I think he went to one or two soccer games. And we welcomed James (/u/nefariousjoe), whose stupid team won MLS Cup.

As for us as a group, we were quite pleased to be officially nominated for the year-end r/MLS awards. We lost to Soccer Morning but I mean, come on, of course we lost to Soccer Morning. But the recognition inspired us to expand our efforts.

Starting next week with a recording on Wednesday, we’re expanding to two episodes a week, recording on Sundays (for a Monday or Tuesday release) and Wednesdays (for Thursday/Friday). To facilitate that expansion, we’re looking to bring on one or two more panelists. Also we’ve brought on a new amazing audio engineer in Austin (/u/CF97SC) to significantly improve the quality so we don’t sound like, as one commenter noted, a bunch of neckbeards in basements using Xbox mics (and to be honest, that isn’t super far from the truth. Though I can attest that I’ve seen where Josh records and it’s definitely not a basement. It’s a really cool room in a condo in Seattle.)

So basically we’re going to sound a lot more professional. Well not like, in speaking or anything, but at least all those bullshit bumps and beeps and blotches, mostly from my shaking my leg all the damn time when we’re recording, won’t be so apparent.

There will also be a more consistent blog updating from yours truly featuring an early-week 1000-word-ish thing and a late-week longer piece, along with welcoming submissions from all panelists, guests, and random Redditors.

Also we’ll be looking to partner with a few fellow upstart blogs out there, soccer-related or otherwise, starting with my friend/eventual sports media mogul Stuart Barefoot’s Small League Stu, where I did a Q and A today. Anyone who mildly enjoys my talking on the podcast can thank Stuart, the Sports Cycle show he ran when we were both at UNCG significantly helped me develop my radio chops.

So while I’m usually a big proponent of “Show me what you’ve done, don’t tell me what you’re going to do,” having this down on virtual paper enforces a little self-accountability, which is always a good thing. I look forward to the new year and so should y’all! Look for a new podcast late this week along with a blog post or two!


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